Improv Challenge 2020

CMQG Improv Challenge 2020Sponsored by Winter Creek Cloth!

Here are the guidelines… there aren’t many. Hey, it’s IMPROV! Quilt top only: no need to quilt and bind, so give yourself the freedom to play and experiment. 
Choose your size and shape (but make it at least 24″ x 24″).
Select a minimum of three from the following improv piecing techniques and incorporate them into a quilt top:

  • wonky stars
  • triangles/flying geese
  • free-form curves
  • inserts
  • rings/roses
  • slabs/floating squares

Other techniques you want to try? GO FOR IT! Just include a minimum of three.

This challenge is voluntary and for personal growth only, to apply what you’ve learned about improv piecing– and specifically to get yourself out of your comfort zone! There are NO judges, so relax and enjoy the creative process.

Everyone who finishes a top and submits a photo by November 9th will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate, courtesy of our improv challenge sponsor, Winter Creek Cloth!

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